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Logistical Advantage is a trusted provider of LTL services to hundreds of clients. Our advantage stems from our large trusted network and the knack for coordinating the optimal capacity to route your freight. Our LTL team provides unrivaled services so our clients can optimize shipping costs as well as delivery time. Logistical Advantage provides online tools so clients can check delivery status and secure documentation for every shipment.

Whether you’ve got dozens of LTL shipments going out each day or you only ship a few pallets occasionally, we’ve got a shipping solution for your company. Our LTL shipping services coupled with our outstanding freight management software will exceed your expectations of an LTL shipper. If you’re looking for unrivaled dedication to personalized service, you can be confident in outsourcing your LTL shipments to Logistical Advantage. Whether you have dry or refrigerated freight, take advantage of our expertise in the realm of LTL shipping and let us keep you up to date with state of the art technology and dedicated team to facilitate your shipment from origin to delivery.

  • Web-enabled tracking, tracing, and booking with our proprietary transportation management system.
  • Our experienced LTL logistics team takes the guesswork out of the equation.
  • No more worrying about freight class, weight, routing, and rates.
  • Leverage the volume of our entire customer base and enjoy the discounted rates and pricing that Logistical Advantage has lined up with our network of LTL carriers.



Are you in need of a reliable refrigerated LTL solution to haul your perishable goods or temperature controlled product? Logistical Advantage’s extensive network of refrigerated LTL and partial carriers can offer a solution. Logistical Advantage has created a reliable shipping answer for several internal warehouse customers offering capacity in this difficult market place. With Logistical Advantage, you not only have the refrigerated experts to plan and execute movement of your LTL temperature-controlled shipment, you also have a network of warehouses designed for short time storage within a long-distance movement of your small LTL shipments. Of course, all the while you will have access to monitor location and product integrity with our web enabled tracking system.


Shipping freight that is too large for LTL and not quite a full truckload can be a daunting task. Logistical Advantage is committed to providing you with our commitment of reliable freight transportation and has developed a network of specialized partial/volume carriers in a regionalized shipping model. Our regionalized model of volume/partial routes and drivers has provided Logistical Advantage with the advantage of finding cost effective programs for shipping in this mode and offer as unique cost savings method vs traditional volume spot LTL programs and full truckload.

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