International Services

With Logistical Advantage as you global import and export partner, you can easily manage all parts of your international supply chain, air, ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage, inland ground, rail distribution, project cargo, documentation, regulatory requirements, and trade compliance.

Import/Export Services:

  • Air freight forwarding (airport-to-airport, door-to-door, charters)
  • Ocean freight forwarding (port-to-port, door-to-door, FCL, LCL)
  • Project cargo (oversize, over dimensional, heavy lift, unique)
  • Global trade compliance
  • Customs brokerage
  • Inland ground and rail transportation

As part of choosing Logistical Advantage as your partner in your global supply chain, you will have access to our proprietary TMS with 3PL and 4PL progams in place for any tracking and tracing needed by you, your supplier, or your sales department.



International paperwork can be a challenge for even the most experienced shippers of an international supply chain. When you have the power of Logistical Advantage, you harness the strength of the ocean providers directly coupled with a complete customs brokerage department dedicated to confirming your shipments are protected legally, ethically, and clearance is completed before your shipment arrives at your dock.


International needs can adjust from time to time and require flexibility and the team to support these changes in your supply chain. With the international team at Logistical Advantage, you have all the best rolled up into one company. Logistical Advantage has the capability to service all your international needs from shipping one package through our parcel consolidation program all the way up to hundreds of different multiple skid shipments through our LCL network. Logistical Advantage has forged together with brokers and forwarders across the world for combined efforts of LCL product distribution and created a massive LCL chain for needed capacity in each different region of the globe.


Logistical Advantage has contracts in place with the state of the art refrigeration containers to combine maximum capacity and airflow with pinpoint accuracy temperature control to deliver uniform protection throughout your international or ocean movement. Our Ocean team is equipped to offer load optimization strategy for your temperature controlled shipment all the meanwhile allowing you to view the progress throughout the move with our web enabled tracking.


Have last minute time sensitive cargo? Allow the Logistical Advantage expert team to apply state of the art industry optimization techniques along the experience needed to secure the best route optimization to confirm your time sensitive shipment has the most cost effective solution while guaranteeing the delivery meets and exceeds your expectations. With Logistical Advantage as your chosen expedited freight carrier, you have access to our proprietary web-based portal for managing your shipments from take-off to touchdown.


Drayage can be a cyclone of issues in modern times with regulation changes and continued pressure on independent drivers. Allow Logistical Advantage to navigate this maze of drayage providers to find the best and most accessible for your drayage movement. Logistical Advantage network of providers offer unparalleled visibility to your shipments as all Logistical Advantage approved vendors must have GPS tracking enabled and allow for “real time” communication. Logistical Advantage has capacity for ocean port and rail ramp to fit all customer needs.

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