Logistical Advantage Corporation (“LAC”) is currently preparing its strategic plan to accommodate short and longer-term growth.A significant portion of the plan is the critical component of human capital: having the right people, with the right talents and abilities, placed in the right position, at exactly the right time. LAC recognizes and appreciates the abundance of talent located within the various centers of higher education in the Cleveland area, and would like to see if a partnership could develop that would help meet the short, medium, and longer-term human capital needs.

Who is Logistical Advantage Corporation?

LAC is 3rd party asset/non-asset based logistics company headquartered in Cleveland, OH. The fundamentals of our business are pairing our clients, (some of whom are manufacturers, producers and distributors of goods), with the most efficient and cost-effective method of transporting their goods; whether it be railroad, ocean liner, air or over the road truck/trailer. A secondary portion of our business is utilizing our own assets(refrigerated trailers) in meeting the needs of our long-term contracted clients. Our growth projections for the next six months to two years are significant, as we find increasingly companies recognizing our niche in the marketplace.


In order to reach our short and longer-term objectives, we need the right people in place.

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